Tom´s im Burghof  · Dortmund - Mengede

If a restaurateur like Thomas Jaworek has managed to turn a small restaurant a focal point for good, fine German cuisine, he is successful. To be booked out every night is already a positive reference. Now he has grown larger in the “Burghof” in Dortmund Mengede. He trained in “Goldschmieding”, Castrop-Rauxel, then he led “Tom's Evenhaus” in the same suburb. The restaurant is on the point stylistic and accentuated decorated. The old dresser and the floor covering with real parquet flooring have remained as a relic, the new chairs and tables, as well as the arrangement of the seats has changed gravely. Harmoniously in the overall picture fits the elegant and bright ambience with burgundy shades on walls and fabrics. Also fit the voices-made images of an artist in the concept. The menu completes the theme of the Burghof: The clarity in the selection of ingredients, the care of the preparation and the love of work. The upscale German cuisine with a few dishes from the actual card: Salmon fillet with horseradish crust with apple mashed potatoes and leeks; Two kinds of beef, steak and vegetable ragout with carrots and zucchini; Special pasta dishes and of course, all cooked fresh and perfectly matched.


  • Mengeder Str. 687
  • 44359 Dortmund - Mengede
  • Phone: 0231 2265643
  • Fish Specialities
  • German Cuisine
  • Gourmet
  • Mediterranean
  • Regional Cuisine
  • Vegetarian
  • Conference / Celebration Facilities
  • Entertainment Events
  • Non-Smoking Area
  • Skittles-Alley
Opening Times:
Tuesday-Saturday 5pm until 10.30pm Sunday 12am until 3pm and 5pm until 10.30pm
Food served:
Tuesday-Saturday 5pm until 10.30pm Sunday 12am until 3pm and 5pm until 10.30pm
Rest Days: Monday
Vacations: Holiday please ask