Café Stickmann Eröffnung in Kürze · Dortmund - Mitte

If a cafe has a cult status for decades and has come of age of secret hints long ago, it may be only the Koehler’s Café Strickmann. The nostalgic café spread the charm of a Viennese coffee house, particularly by the comfortable seating and round corner niches, which likely be used. The welcoming bar in front (deli department) is lush stocked with homemade cakes and pies for a break in the café or at home. Farther back of the café is a bistro area for hot foods. Here you can meet at a snack to satisfy. You can choose for lunch starting at 11.30 am maybe the daily stew or another fast alternative. Likely to be ordered is the selection of Koehler’s daily salads or the jelly. It is even very common to sit on the terrace in front when weather is nice and watch the hustle and bustle on market days. The snug terrace in the backyard is transformed into a Christmas market in the winter. Guests who meet regularly to a generous breakfast at Koehler’s say that this location reminds to Cockaigne from the fairy tale. For that you can only agree.
  • Wißstr. 26-28
  • 44137 Dortmund - Mitte
  • Phone:
  • Non-Smoking Area
Opening Times:
Monday-Friday 8.45am until 5pm Saturday 8.30 until 5pm
Food served:
Monday-Friday 8.45am until 5pm Saturday 8.30 until 5pm
Rest Days: Sunday, Holiday
Vacations: 24. December and 1. January