Feldschlößchen · Essen - Borbeck

Feldschlößchen1 A hint for those who looking for a nice restaurant in Essen: Discover the FELDSCHLÖSSCHEN. Near to Borbecker Schlosspark, Ivonne and Klaus Jobs receive their guests. In the past over 100 year’s old house traditional German cuisine is presented in a new guise. Beautiful circumscribed is the menu card with phrases like main role (Hauptrolle), yummy corner (Lecker Ecke) and cream sow (Rahmsau). What’s behind all this? The beef roulade filled with pears hides, beans and bacon and the pork cutlet with mushroom cream sauce, French fries and side salad. Recommended is the Feldschlösschen menu with 3-4 transitions, as there is a culinary tour through the good and refined cuisine. Because Klaus Jobs only handle with natural and unadulterated fresh products, the trend to vegetarian and vegan dishes always is welcome. Since March 2012, they cook with heart and passion. For the selection of premises are available: The Bistro, the restaurant, the cozy conservatory and the garden terrace with awning and small terrace cottage when the sun is shining.


  • German Cuisine
  • Vegetarian
  • Beer Garden / Terrace
  • Conference / Celebration Facilities
  • Meeting Place / Trend
  • Non-Smoking Area
  • Sunday brunch
  • Wheel Chair Suitable
Opening Times:
Wednesday-Saturday 5pm until 11pm Sunday 10.30am until 9pm
Food served:
Wednesday-Saturday 5pm until 10pm Sunday 10.30am until 8pm
Rest Days: Monday an Tuesday
Vacations: 24 December and 1 January