Bismarck Küchen Wirtschaft  · Dortmund - Mitte

Bismarck Küchen Wirtschaft 1 Innovative = original concepts in the gastronomy are in demand. Creating something new and be trendy is the motto these days. How does such a thing? One example is in Dortmund’s quarter Kaiserstraße at corner Bismarckstraße 1 / Kaiserstraße. The new "Küchen Wirtschaft Bismarck"! So what is that? Quite simply: You take a former furniture store in the 50s with original interior and integrated it with modern elements and technique for active cooking events. The staircase to the event space is already an eye-catcher: The railing is already cult, plus the original lamps and silk wallpaper with its special pattern - a feast for the eyes. You do not know where you should look first, there is so much to discover. The centerpiece is the solid wood kitchen for cooking and eating together. It is a little bit as at that time mom at home. The kitchen is still the meeting place in the family and with friends. As a focal point there is the antique stove in the front area of the café / bistro. In fine weather there is also served outside on the terrace. From breakfast to lunch and afternoon coffee and cake to events with snacks and beer or wine, there is something to have at any time and to take away. The motto of the operator-couple is: for the guest and with the guest. So it works!


  • German Cuisine
  • Regional Cuisine
  • Vegetarian
  • Entertainment Events
  • Lunch
  • Meeting Place / Trend
  • Non-Smoking Area
  • Take Away
Opening Times:
Monday-Friday 7.30am until 10pm Saturday 8am until 11pm Sunday 8.30am until 10pm
Food served:
Monday-Friday 7.30am until 10pm Saturday 8am until 11pm Sunday 8.30am until 10pm
Rest Days: no
Vacations: please ask