Alt Piräus · Bochum - Stiepel

Alt Piräus1 The restaurant ALT PIRÄUS in Bochum Stiepel is the hip Greek on side. The family of Mr. Triantafyllos Oikonomou called "Fouli" works like a Swiss watch, each gear engages the next, as each handle fits within the family in the restaurant and especially the fresh and careful preparations of food. Thus, a perfection in the ingredients can be found of course on the menu. The most ordered dishes and favorites of the guests are: Mese 1 and Mese 2 (appetizers Greek-style) for 1 or 2 people, the classic grilled (gyros, biftekti, and liver) and of course the lamb specialties: LAMB PAN "Paros" Lamb fillet with fresh mushrooms in a spicy sauce prepared with supplements. The hits of the grilled fish specialties are the daily specials depending on season and market supply mostly bream and sea bass (loup de mer) with vegetables and salad. In local are vaults for a cozy dinner, a common room for about 80 people for all sorts of celebrations and of course an evening delivery service from 20 euros for the party at home is available.


  • Greek
  • Conference / Celebration Facilities
  • Meeting Place / Trend
  • Non-Smoking Area
Opening Times:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday-Saturday 5pm until midnight Sunday 12am until 3pm and 5pm until midnight
Food served:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday-Saturday 5pm until 11pm Sunday 12am until 3pm and 5pm until 11pm
Rest Days: Wednesday
Vacations: 24 December, Summer Holidays please ask