Pasta Lounge  · Dortmund - Mitte

Pasta Lounge 1 Who likes to eat pasta, normally finds in a pizzeria always the same menus with the same ingredients such as spaghetti bolognaise or carbonara. The "Pasta Lounge" is above-standard so it is quite different. In here every guest can put together different ingredients for an individual pasta dish. It can be used the card, too. That contains the following blocks staggered by price: 6 pasta / 10 sauces / 19 vegetable varieties / 6 kinds of meat / 6 kinds of fish. Especially vegetarians and vegans profit of the huge variety and they have the agony of choice. Free as a bonus, there are garlic and hot peppers. All dishes are freshly and individually prepared for each guest according to the motto "fresh-delicious-different". This restaurant concept is a cheap such as ideal and healthy alternative to fast-food establishments in the city, because it offers all the dishes also for take-away, whether for work or late at night for home. The central location on the Kaiserstraße in downtown. The colorful restaurant offers space for about 48 people and a terrace. Pasta, as the whim takes me. We’ll come to dinner.
  • Italian
  • Mediterranean
  • Vegetarian
  • Beer Garden / Terrace
  • Meeting Place / Trend
  • Non-Smoking Area
  • Take Away
Opening Times:
daily 12am until 10pm
Food served:
daily 12am until 10pm
Rest Days: no
Vacations: no