Cielo · Dortmund - Hombruch

Cielo1 The best restaurants are the secrets of friends and where the cook like a wizard in the kitchen creates a new Cockaigne. So there is something like that in the restaurant CIELO in Dortmund Hombruch. Pascal Sürig and his team cook awesome, regionally and seasonally. Something does not fit any previously known drawer. Asian, Westphalian, home cooking, fine French cuisine? Yes, it is of everything the essence that makes the unique taste. The fine grade of composition in combination of spices and ingredients, to the perfection of the food on the plate. Everything is light and harmonious casually done, the type of decoration is a true symbol of the enjoyment and appreciation of food which make up the dish. Pascal Sürig, a native of Schwerte has been discovered very early his passion for cooking at his mother’s stove. Now, he creates a new style. Can you eat colors? Was a brilliant idea in the phase of his creative period: A Feast of foods in the same color scale, for example purple and violet. Anyone who thinks so and food conjures inspire, can only be a person who very well versed in the matter and has a passion for cooking. Architecturally and culinary you are in 7th heaven / floor.

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  • Asian (Chinese/Indian/Japanese/Thai)
  • Fish Specialities
  • French
  • Gourmet
  • Mediterranean
  • Open World Kitchen
  • Vegetarian
  • Aircondition
  • Conference / Celebration Facilities
  • Entertainment Events
  • Meeting Place / Trend
  • Non-Smoking Area
  • Parking Lots
Opening Times:
Tuesday-Saturday at 6pm
Food served:
Tuesday-Saturday at 6pm
Rest Days: Sunday, Monday
Vacations: please ask in Germany Summer Holidays